What is Compliance?

  • Compliance is either performing within the established laws and regulations or the act of working towards that state of being.
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Empower Your Leaders

  • The crux to building a successful team is solid training.
  • Give your leaders the education necessary to train compliance.
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Tend to Your Company's Reputation

  • What characteristics define a legitimate MLM?
  • What harm can negative publicity do?
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Why Compliance?

Monitoring and enforcing compliance is costly. What are the benefits?

  • 1.  Alignment with Local, State & Federal Laws
  • 2.  Protection of Investment in Policies & Procedures Document
  • 3.  Confidence in Recruiting and Training
  • 4.  Communication of Realistic Earning Potential
  • 5.  Insurance of Fair Business Opportunity
  • 6.  Safeguarding Positive Company Reputation
  • 7.  Ability to Unveil and Remove Potential "Cancers"
  • 8.  Culmination of Higher Company Standards
  • 9.  Discouragement of Tightening MLM Legislation
  • 10. Longevity of the Company

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