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Most of us have tried to assemble something without instructions. Maybe they were missing, in another language or we just felt confident enough to do it on our own. Sometimes we have success, but more often, we end up frustrated and seeking assistance. Relate that scenario to new Associates or Members recruited into your MLM business. How will they perform within the company’s Policies and Procedures if they do not have a thorough understanding of the document?

Most reputable companies require acceptance of these documents as part of the sign up process. How many really understand what they are signing? There are very real consequences to both the new associate and your company if they do not follow those guidelines. MLM companies spend countless hours and money developing these documents in order to avoid negative backlash from Federal, State and Local Government regulations. Protect that investment by ensuring that your associates comply with these documents.

After creating the initial documents and guidelines, the next most crucial step is to educate your associates. Give them the power of knowledge. Train your leaders on implementing compliance within their own personal business. However, do not allow that education to end with the top leaders. Encourage them to instruct their teams on compliance. Too often, excited members are rushing to expand their business before they truly have all the necessary information. While enthusiasm is wonderful and encouraged, do not neglect the area of compliance. Give each team member the tools to work in observance and to train the next generation of associates.

After educating on how to comply, follow up with training on monitoring it. It seems to be human nature to ignore those rules that we feel have no real consequence. There are very real penalties to companies if compliance is not enforced. This may be in the form of legal actions, fines or even a blow to the company’s character. By having enforcement in place, every team member will receive the message that the company is reputable in its dealings.

By educating on compliance, your MLM Company will prosper. Instruction will eliminate the negativity generated from frustrated associates and each will have confidence in recruiting and training. Invest the necessary time and money to make compliance a reality.

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